Update on our Subaru Forester

The 100,000 km service of our Subaru Forester by City Automotive Group that turned into a ridiculously expensive $3,337 exercise is some time ago now. A quick update is in order. My wife has finally got around to trading this car in. It is just over six years old and has only done 84,000 km. She has been looking at a Mercedes Benz. But she is not really a car person and is having difficulty justifyingmore »

Don’t buy a Subaru Forester

Subaru Foresters can be expensive to maintain. I knew that when we bought our brand new car in December 2002, but it got ridiculous at our last service done by City Automotive Group. Our car is four years old and has 60,000 km on the clock. Because the car is four years old, that put it on schedule for its 100,000 km major service, even though it had only done 60,000 km ofmore »

Blog stats

It is easy to underestimate a relatively innocuous blog like this one. Who wants to read about seemingly inane subjects like dog poo worm farms, my problems with our Subaru Forester or any of the other subjects on this blog. Well apparently if you have an international audience, other people do. Here are a few statistics from April 2009 (excluding my own visits): 720 unique visitors from 281 cities 1059 page views visitorsmore »