How to reset Toyota Prado power windows

Power window master switch on Toyota Prado driver's door

If your power windows are not working properly on your Toyota Prado, try this trick. You may also need to do this after replacing your car battery. Background A while ago I had to change the battery in my 2005 model 120-series Toyota Prado. As most owners would know, removing the battery and installing a new one requires re-programming the PIN into the car stereo. I have the PIN and followed the instructionsmore »

CouplerTec electronic rust prevention system installed on Toyota Prado

I recently had a heavy duty (four capacitive coupler pad model) CouplerTec electronic rust prevention system installed in my Toyota Prado by TJM at Coopers Plains. I specifically purchased a second hand four wheel drive to go beach camping — I did not want to drive a $60,000 brand new car down the beach! Even though my Toyota Prado is second hand, I still wanted to install an electronic rust protection system in the vehicle. Imore »

Prado fuel economy on E10 or PULP — which is best?

Finally, I have a result on whether it is more cost efficient to run PULP or E10 petrol in my Toyota Prado — the E10 wins! After more than 26,000 of driving during the last 19 months, I wanted to give an update on my petrol engine 120 series Toyota Prado’s fuel consumption and economy. (My original statistics and article is here). During this time I have averaged 14.8 litres per 100 kilometres ofmore »

Prado fuel economy — whether to run premium unleaded petrol?

The Toyota Prado owner’s manual states that my 2005 Prado GXL 120 series with the 4.0 L petrol engine (1GR-FE engine) should be run on unleaded petrol (gasoline) with a RON of 91 or higher. For improved vehicle performance they recommend using fuel with a RON of 95 or higher. But what difference does this actually make in the real world? And does the increased efficiency of premium fuel offset its higher price?more »

Toyota Prado clearance in shopping centre car parks — with lift and racks?

I am planning to add a few accessories to my Toyota Prado to make it a better beach and bush camping tourer. In particular, I want to add roof racks and luggage tray, and possibly 2″ larger rubber and a 2″ lift to give me extra clearance under the vehicle. My Prado also gets used as a run-around-town car. It therefore has to fit into car parks. Most car parks in our part of the world seemmore »

Toyota Prado tyre (tire) pressures

I recently bought a second hand 2005 Toyota Prado GXL 120 series running 265/65R17 tyres. “What tyre pressures to run?”, was one of my first questions. After reading my Toyota Prado handbook, searching the internet and asking a tyre (tire) dealer about what tyre pressures to run on my Toyota Prado, I had three different answers — here are my results. The Toyota Prado owner’s manual states that the standard cold tyre inflation pressure is front 190 kPa (28 psi);more »

Cooper Tires ATR or BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A on Toyota Prado?

When replacing the tyres on my Toyota Prado, I narrowed my choice to fitting Cooper Tires ATR or BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A tyres. After comparing them, I eventually fitted the Cooper Tires ATR. Toyota Prado background I recently purchased a 2005 Toyota Prado GXL 120 series. The car was in immaculate condition with no accessories fitted and still running the original equipment brand of tyres – Goodyear AT20 Grandtreks. These tyres are highway orientatedmore »